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1 in 5 Australians suffer from a mental health condition each year. The leading cause of death for the 15-24 year old age range is suicide. These numbers are scary. 

Mental illness is a multifaceted and intricate phenomenon, often stemming from a variety of factors. However, at its core, many of its causes stem from disconnection to crucial aspects of life. This series aims to shed light on the ways in which we may have become disconnected, but more importantly, it offers practical guidance on how to foster reconnection.

In this talk, we delve into the ways in which we have become disconnected from our emotions, and how we can learn to manage them in a healthy way. We also examine some of the harmful coping mechanisms that young people often resort to in order to avoid or suppress their feelings. The main objective of this talk is to empower youth to embrace their emotions once again, using a powerful visual illustration to show how our tendency to numb ourselves affects the world around us. By recognising the importance of our feelings and emotions, we can revive the fire within ourselves and lead a more fulfilling life.




In this talk, we examine how today's youth are experiencing unprecedented levels of isolation, with many reporting a lack of genuine friendships. However, strong social connections and a sense of belonging are crucial for navigating life's challenges. We explore the various ways in which our sense of community has been eroded and offer practical solutions for restoring it. Drawing on the experiences of an elite athlete, representing Australia in the world championships of a team sport , we illustrate the importance of each team member's unique role in contributing to the overall success of the team. Similarly, building a diverse and supportive circle of friends can bring immense value to our lives.

Our world is experiencing a decline in stable relationships, with hook-up culture becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly among young people. Unfortunately, this trend has resulted in a rise in sexual violence, trauma, and disease. In this talk, we explore how we can repair ourselves and rediscover the beauty of loving relationships by first recognizing our own self-worth. Drawing on the insights of a recruitment consultant, we highlight the similarities between finding the perfect candidate for a crucial role in a company and building a strong, meaningful relationship with a significant other. By valuing ourselves and investing in the right kind of relationships, we can create a culture that supports healthy and fulfilling connections with others.




In this talk, we delve into the issue of our society's addiction to social media and technology. Recent statistics indicate that young people are spending an overwhelming amount of time on their devices, rarely disconnecting from them. This constant attachment to technology has altered their brain functioning in ways that were never intended. Through this presentation, we aim to provide youth with practical strategies for breaking free from this addiction and rewiring their brains back to a healthier state. We will also offer 7 essential keys to using social media in a healthy and positive way, enabling young people to harness the power of technology without succumbing to its negative effects.

In this talk, we explore the issue of disconnection from the present moment, which can cause us to become trapped in negative thinking patterns that lead to depression and anxiety. Our goal is to demonstrate how we can renew our minds and focus on what is within our control, rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Using a powerful visual illustration, we highlight the insidious nature of negative thinking and provide practical strategies for breaking free from these destructive patterns. By developing a greater awareness of the present moment, we can build resilience and cultivate a more positive and fulfilling life.




In this talk, we explore how core values have slowly been diminishing in importance, and how our society has shifted towards prioritizing pleasure over purpose. As a result, we place more value on acquiring material possessions, status, and stimulation, neglecting intrinsic aspects of life that truly bring fulfillment. Our aim is to inspire young people to realign themselves with what truly matters in life, empowering them to live with purpose and meaning. By understanding the importance of core values, we can realign ourselves towards a more fulfilling life and a greater appreciation for the intrinsic aspects of life.

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